Sfuminator temporarily offline

We are having trouble loading users' inventories. To buy our painted hats check out our bots' backpack.tf listings at:



We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sun 30 Oct 2022 14:24 UTC

Omega12 says:


Tue 15 Nov 2022 17:22 UTC

begula says:


Mon 02 Jan 2023 18:36 UTC

KIM J. says:


Sun 22 Jan 2023 21:11 UTC

MooN says:


Sun 05 Mar 2023 08:36 UTC


Fri 17 Mar 2023 15:44 UTC

¡ 01 ! says:


Tue 09 May 2023 23:57 UTC

Sat 13 May 2023 20:34 UTC

XexarX says:


Wed 23 Aug 2023 00:51 UTC

Sanya says:


Fri 01 Sep 2023 16:15 UTC

CardonCactus says:


Tue 05 Sep 2023 23:41 UTC

Makoシ says:


Sun 17 Sep 2023 07:43 UTC

¡ 01 ! says:


Thu 28 Sep 2023 21:06 UTC

Smurfer says:


Sun 03 Dec 2023 22:50 UTC

¡ 01 ! says:


Mon 08 Jul 2024 12:16 UTC

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Trading temporarily unavailable

All trades have been temporarily halted due to an exploit with Steam trading.
We encourage to not complete any trades. We will let you know when we believe it's safe to start trading again.

Thank you!

23/05/2022 Now, it should be safe to complete trades of any size.

Sat 21 May 2022 12:16 UTC

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Limited time 5% discount

All items in Sfuminator's inventory have been discounted by 5%!

Come and grab your favourite ones.

Sat 18 Jul 2020 19:19 UTC


Yes, of course!

Wed 22 Jul 2020 15:59 UTC

Hide Of Me says:


Sun 26 Jul 2020 08:19 UTC

Grunty says:


Sat 15 Aug 2020 14:27 UTC

Sun 18 Oct 2020 05:35 UTC

Mon 14 Dec 2020 14:58 UTC

Berezaa says:


Mon 29 Mar 2021 16:10 UTC

mhusic54 says:


Wed 28 Jul 2021 20:35 UTC

¡ 01 ! says:


Thu 29 Jul 2021 22:08 UTC

Dr. Ludwig says:

Stop stealing my profit everyone.

Thu 23 Sep 2021 12:18 UTC

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**UPDATE**: the metals amount to join the giveaway has been halved to only 50!

After 1 month from the Sfuminator 2.0 release we are hosting a special 10 keys giveaway!!!
Every day, for the next 10 days starting from June 5, 00:00 UTC, a winner will be picked from the eligible participants and he will be rewarded with 1 key.

- How can I participate?

To participate to this daily giveaway you have to buy items from Sfuminator's inventory for at least 50 refined during the giveaway time frame.

- How is the winner chosen?

The winner is chosen randomly with a weighted probability between the users participating in the giveaway. The higher the amount you trade, the higher the probability you can win.

- Are there other ways to increase my winning probability?

You can earn bonus points buying cosmetics painted with An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge, Pink as Hell, A Distinctable Lack of Hue and The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime.
Those points enhance your probability weight of winning the prize in the same way as 50 refined will do. However, bonus points do not affect the threshold to enter the giveaway.

Mon 08 Jun 2020 13:54 UTC

peshotriceps says:


Sun 24 Sep 2023 23:53 UTC

Smurfer says:


Sun 03 Dec 2023 22:51 UTC

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Bug fixes:
- Trades of multiple cosmetics has been fixed: now trades executed by the same user with multiple bots are enqueued.
- Painted cosmetics can be filtered using the "Search items and paints" search bar.

Thanks to everyone for reporting problems and helping us improving our service.
We originally planned to release the first beta version the 1st of June, but thanks to your helpful hints our service is almost completed.

I remember everyone that the giveaway will end next Sunday at 23:59:59 UTC. Good luck everyone.
Happy shopping!

Mon 25 May 2020 19:38 UTC

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Hello Sfuminatoers!

For a limited time painted items are on sale!!! The price of the following colors have been decreased:
- Pink as Hell
- A Distinctive Lack of Hue
- An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge
- Team Spirit
- The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime

With today's update we introduced the much requested trade of multiple items!
For the users participating to the giveaway, don't worry! Trading multiple cosmetics in a single trade will count as usual: each item give you a +1.

Thanks to everyone for providing us useful feedback to improve our service!

Happy shopping!!!

Sat 23 May 2020 19:04 UTC

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Hello Sfuminatoers,

some minor changes have been made:

- you can now choose your favorite background picture from your profile page
- inventory items' images slow loading has been fixed

Happy shopping!

Tue 19 May 2020 18:20 UTC

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This giveaway is valid from May 10 2020 17:00 (UTC) until May 31 2020 23:59:59 (UTC). The top 3 users making more trades in this timeframe will win the following prizes:

- First prize: 2 Keys
- Second prize: 1 Key
- Third prize: Taunt: Square Dance

Users suspected of any incorrect behaviour to increase their ranking position will be removed from the contest.
The ranking of our top traders concurring for the giveaway can be found at https://sfuminator.tf/giveaway/202005/. The winners will receive a trade request containing the prize directly to their Steam Accounts.


Sun 10 May 2020 16:54 UTC

schwer says:


Sun 17 May 2020 13:49 UTC

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Added top traders page.

Fixed profiles not being correctly shown.

Sun 10 May 2020 13:53 UTC

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CHANGELOG | Profiles

Hello Sfuminatoers!

User profiles have been added to the website!

You can now modify your motto and set your Steam Trade URL to be public from "My profile" page.

Stay tuned because tomorrow we are announcing the giveaway rules!
Happy shopping!

Sat 09 May 2020 14:17 UTC

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News & updates

Hello Sfuminatoers,

After a week from the initial release what is your experience with Sfuminator?

Did you know that Sfuminator can be fully enjoyed from your mobile devices?
For the one using Google Chrome on an Android phone, visit our page, tap on the menu button, click "Add to Home Screen" and trade with us wherever you are!

Stay tuned, because Sunday at 19:00 CET/CEST we will finally announce our first Sfuminator 2.0 giveaway rules!

Enjoy shopping with us!

Fri 08 May 2020 19:27 UTC

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First impressions about the new website

Hello Sfuminatoers!

After three days from the release we reached the first 1000 registered users!

What do you think about the new sfuminator.tf interface? Did you find any bug or do you have any suggestion for further improvements?
Let us know and we will do our best to to accommodate your requests!

Happy shopping!!

Mon 04 May 2020 20:17 UTC


I really like the Soldier button. Got a laugh out of me.

Mon 04 May 2020 23:55 UTC

Side note: is there a way to trade more than one hat at a time?

Mon 04 May 2020 23:57 UTC

Racist RNG says:

call me a conservative. Preferred the old interface; also preferred the old bots.

Tue 05 May 2020 07:07 UTC

@The Noble Idiot: the possibility to trade more than one item at the time will be implemented.

@Racist RNG: All opinions are welcome! What exactly did you prefer more about the old bots? Did you receive any wrong trade request?

Tue 05 May 2020 07:41 UTC

SvicidalBug says:

I gotta agree with the user below, I preferred the old interface a lot more. I liked having separate pages for whether I was buying or selling.

As for the bots, I thought it was a nice touch to have them greet and thank the user during every trade. It was just a little thing, afaik no other trading site bots did that. They also periodically reminded me of my trade count (still want that veteran badge btw). https://i.imgur.com/q5IEr5w.png

Also, will the Market ever return? It was very useful for selling decorated weapons before the Jungle Inferno update. Thanks!

Tue 05 May 2020 12:08 UTC

Hello SuicidalBug!

Many thanks for your observations!!

Messages from the bots have been implemented and user badges have been added to the website's navigation bar! So keep trading to gain the veteran status again!!

Regarding the market, we are going to implement it in the near future together with multiple items trades.

Enjoy shopping!

Tue 05 May 2020 18:14 UTC

SvicidalBug says:

Thank you, looking forward to it!

Tue 05 May 2020 21:49 UTC

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Giveaway & CHANGELOG

Hello Sfuminatoers!

After the first day of testing, those features/bug fixes have been implemented:

- Added Steam status
- Added news page[sfuminator.tf]
- Fixed trades not being correctly sent on user inventory change
- Fixed Halloween items prices
- Fixed Halloween Colors sometimes not being displayed correctly

What are we working on?

- Top traders page
- User badges
- Giveaways

Soon we will announce the next giveaway rules, so keep trading!

Happy shopping!!!

Sun 03 May 2020 18:45 UTC

Elsen says:

glad that you are back up!

Sun 03 May 2020 18:48 UTC

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Steam down

Dear Sfuminatoers,

If you have been experiencing issues with Sfuminator, they were due to the faulty status of Steam API (which down during the last 30 minutes).

Some updates have been made to sfuminator.tf infrastructure. We will keep you posted!

Happy shopping!!

Sun 03 May 2020 16:23 UTC


ok, thank you!

Sun 03 May 2020 16:40 UTC

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Sfuminator 2.0 is online!

Hello Sfuminatoers!

The new (beta) version of Sfuminator.tf is online!
The website look has been changed: it is now mobile friendly! Moreover more robust security measures have been implemented.

Sfuminator now accepts also Painted and Halloween items!

Let's trade!!!!!!!

Sun 03 May 2020 12:43 UTC

fia says:


Sun 03 May 2020 17:09 UTC

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