Sfuminator.tf is an automated Team Fortress 2 trading platform allowing Steam users to buy or sell items with our bots.

To use Sfuminator.tf all you need to do is login with your Steam account (through secure OpenID Steam Login), set your inventory public and provide us your Steam Trade URL, which is needed by our bots to send you trade requests directly to your account.

Our Philosophy

Our user's satisfaction is our primary concern. If you have any issue while using our service, please open a ticket and we will give you a response as soon as possible. Suggestions about possible improvements and constructive criticism are also more than welcome. Your feedback is essencial, please contact us to make our service better!
Security measures, such as Google reCAPTCHA and a throttling policy, are implemented to prevent the exploit of this website with automated tools. Allowing bots may mean more profit, but we know how frustrating it is to compete againt scrapers, so we want to give the same chance to all HUMAN users to trade with our bots.
This website is built with open source technologies and while developing new features for this application, we will provide contributions for the open source community. Also, parts of this website will be made accessible to anyone and published on our GitHub account.

Our infrastructure

Our intrastructure is quite simple: the whole website is built using Django (with a PSQL database) and runs on a Digital Ocean server.
The bots themselves are controlled using Python: a special thanks goes to the developers and contributors of steampy library.