Sfuminator.tf is an automated Team Fortress 2 trading platform allowing Steam users to buy or sell items with our bots.
Created in 2014 by Ax_6, Sfuminator.tf has been a pioneer in Team Fortress 2 items trading and since then it has been a reliable marketplace for Team Fortress 2 players to buy their favourite hats and place unwanted items at incredible prices!

Update after update, Team Fortress 2 items have become so many that an automated service to meet buyers/sellers demand has become necessary to avoid tedious bargaining to buy your favourite skin and not to spend a fortune on the official market.

After every Team Fortress 2 items release, we will keep our service always up to date and we will continue developing Sfuminator to make it as much user friendly as possible, while keeping our prices very competitive.
To start trading with our bots all you need to do is login with your Steam account (through secure OpenID Steam Login), set your inventory public and provide us your Steam Trade URL.
Start enjoying the comfort of instant one-click trades (also from your mobile devices) without the need of price negotiations with other sellers/buyers.