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Ax & Fish [ BOT]
Items traded: 0
Member since: 12 Mar 2014
Special reputation: Sfuminator bot
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    [HOVLD]Rophi 3 years ago
    Hats Traded: 0 :D
    Gusta 3 years ago
    DustDropper 3 years ago
    "Hats traded: 0" Clearly a joke.
    MrFlash 3 years ago
    +rep i like this bot and is the best bot of hats
    Greku 3 years ago
    [*] +rep. Remember this bot :((
    ✪ Bot Kid 3 years ago
    heavy whant to kiss XD Coll pic XD
    hambaga 3 years ago
    sexy profile pic c: (pls maek me win)
    comment fo tha giveaway
    pupo 3 years ago

    Scarabee 3 years ago
    awewewesome bot
    Heart of Harmony 3 years ago
    dis bot tho
    Aech_ 3 years ago
    id r8 8/8 m8

    rep awe bot
    a really good and sweet bot :)
    awesome bot
    John Cena 3 years ago
    Woop woop! I remember, I spent all day trying to find something different then or all that jazz. I was about to give up til I found ya'll. You had the most advanced trading system in my opinion for trading! I got so much cool stuff which I am glad I use. Thank ya'll for being here. :3 I even tried adding the bot as a friend cause ya'll are so cool. I shall spread the word about ya'll. :3
    wow/10 mlg bot
    DH. CanCel 3 years ago
    best bot, -IGN 11/10 "gr8 bot m8"
    Makaveli 3 years ago
    good bot :D
    WP bot
    huy. 3 years ago
    Good bot, 10/10
    Paandaa 3 years ago
    Good bot
    VººDºº|2ª¥ 3 years ago
    nice hat trades!
    snipss 3 years ago
    saved me probably a few hours wait just for one hat 5/5
    papa billy 3 years ago
    gr8 hat trader m8 10/10
    RōY 3 years ago
    Best hat trader
    truck. 3 years ago
    AWESOME BOT btw sup perhaps
    Perhaps198 3 years ago
    da bot is kool
    Lambykins 3 years ago
    Bots will rule the world
    Proffer Noun 3 years ago
    Six million is a grossly exaggerated number. I love you cold, unfeeling trading robot. You make me complete.
    Zorro 3 years ago
    Such a great service and its fast. :)
    Jayden Parker 3 years ago
    The best bot!!!
    gnawer 3 years ago
    :P keep buying hat for this website
    because didn't sell those hats :|
    #1 SNIPER (TF2) 3 years ago
    ZtG l LooMiNess 3 years ago
    best trade bot ever
    FLASHH 3 years ago
    NICE BOT !!!!
    Sgt. Crouchy 3 years ago
    One of the best trading sites.
    IronSofa 3 years ago
    Really Insteresting system man
    {‽} AJLDigit 3 years ago
    I'd like to enter the goveaway
    Thanks guys. Your one of the best trade sites around lets keep it going!
    SMT | Bob 3 years ago
    Nice hats m8
    pizza-kun 3 years ago
    this is a comment. Do I win yet?
    a good bot is a alive bot.
    CyberDarkPulse 3 years ago
    extremely good service a quick and easy way to get what you want. Is 10x better than any other 3rd party website
    Kingink 3 years ago
    Good bot, fair trader
    lawwn 3 years ago
    :B good bot is good
    [SLAG] omanor 3 years ago
    Heya there!
    VintageCola 3 years ago
    Pootis Spencer burning team captain
    ♠ Thunder 3 years ago
    Alex 3 years ago
    I like sfuminator.
    Oh Yes Daddy 3 years ago
    \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)v PootOS
    stacks 3 years ago
    wooo op
    Redy 3 years ago
    ı love dat bot
    nice bot
    Enlightened Pyro 3 years ago
    Can't wait for the raffle and bot has improved greatly!
    Van Darkholme 3 years ago
    ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ Pootis
    really awesome bot

    wirefr4me 3 years ago
    Nice job devs! :)
    >^_^<SWAGGY>^_^< 3 years ago
    I'm very happy!
    UltraRockSkullR8 3 years ago
    Cant wait for give away xD
    Waltz 3 years ago
    Hi there
    Masuo15 3 years ago
    Billy_The_FNG 3 years ago
    Putis Paw! XD
    Fezev [G.E.W.P] 3 years ago
    one milion thats a lot of peoples
    Some Guy 3 years ago
    grats on the one million hats traded! :D
    Asghar_Fighter 3 years ago
    nice bot ! :D
    Razorwrecker 3 years ago
    Pootis Hoovies
    Grats !
    Aver Bold 3 years ago
    +rep really cool person big penis
    Irak Lobsta 3 years ago
    congrats for the million exchanges :D
    1 million already! Good work guys
    Shine 3 years ago
    Congrats on 1 million!
    FamalaM 3 years ago
    Congrats on 1 million, holy crap!
    SpryShinyShaun 3 years ago
    a bot
    Nacho w/Cheese 3 years ago
    Just wanna point out that this may just be the best trading site out there
    I love you!!!! Call me !!!
    A Horny Duck 3 years ago
    great boot

    ItsNicolasz 3 years ago
    [Bot] Uranium 3 years ago
    Congratulations for this, the previous bot, and the Ax_6 on the one million milestone.
    Sze.Ghoul 3 years ago
    Wulfie 3 years ago
    ily bae
    fck u 3 years ago
    I like turtles
    Muffin Fire 3 years ago
    UnBoundedCash99 3 years ago
    Hi Bot, how was your day?
    noobsmash 3 years ago
    assist.exe 3 years ago
    Garfield0003 3 years ago
    do you like hats or something?
    unowen 3 years ago
    Happy Million Milestone!
    swamp 3 years ago
    I like hats.
    Time For a Give Away, FOR THE DUCKS :D
    Charlie 3 years ago
    hat intensifies
    fat shithead 3 years ago
    Intensity intensifies *comments to get into giveaway*
    Honeydick 3 years ago
    Best trading service for tf2! *comments to get into giveaway*
    HypnotikHeretik 3 years ago
    the best bot i sine *comments to get into giveaway*
    My Dude 3 years ago
    Hi Ax & Pijama! *comment for giveaway*
    Macho Reporter 3 years ago
    *random Comment to join dis giveaway.
    Keettu 3 years ago
    Such a wonderful bot :) *comments to get into giveaway*
    SergiUDiK 3 years ago
    random comment to join ... yes nice bot:))
    Kapparoach 3 years ago
    *kappa intensifies*
    Vida 3 years ago
    another random comment to join the giveaway, lad....
    Renodette 3 years ago
    random comment to join the giveaway, lad....
    FLY 3 years ago
    I love this bot ♥
    ∞Sinji∞ 3 years ago
    Hello Pijama :)
    Pikachu Soldier 3 years ago
    Nice bot (repeat me)
    cux 3 years ago
    Nice Bot
    My Name is Jhon 3 years ago
    Hey Bot Nice :D
    ShorTy 3 years ago
    nice bot :)
    A bot that interacts like an actual person, I like.
    I mistaken this for a human when it first responded. Spendid bot.
    cmuir37 3 years ago
    noice bot
    Sæbøvågen 3 years ago
    cool bot c:
    beep boop son beep boop
    mildly adequate 3 years ago
    Amazing bot, I wondered how it was programmed, very fascinating.
    Ritsc 3 years ago
    love this bot so much
    Victor8z 3 years ago
    I love this bot
    Cory in the house
    Melon Lord 3 years ago
    Write a comment...
    Please i want to win
    Retro Reality 3 years ago
    Hello my name is
    Waffle 3 years ago
    *Insert Commet Here*
    「 Pepe 」 3 years ago
    Report. Bot is ignoring my entry. :d
    ThunderWolf [BD] 3 years ago
    comment :3
    Random 3 years ago
    `\_( o_o )/`
    ForgottenHarmony 3 years ago
    Notice me senpai Ax.
    phlegmatic 3 years ago
    Not smart at all 3 years ago
    ü 3 years ago
    dank meme
    Good prices my good sir
    Zeklyn 3 years ago
    +rep good prices and cant wait until the giveaway ! :3
    Chronos 3 years ago
    +Rep insane good prices, best bots, tons o' hats XD
    + rep Great Prices, Fast Service!
    Tao 3 years ago
    Left 3 years ago
    panda_on_drugs 3 years ago
    nice bot
    Manito Do Favela 3 years ago
    you are the best bot ever :D
    Cheesensalt 3 years ago
    Best Bot i've ever seen. ^^
    Uncle Batman 3 years ago
    This Trading Bot is very friendly and it is easy to trade with it :D
    TheMinecraftPoke 3 years ago
    Best Bot ever
    potato unboxing to key :D
    |wbg| Tat's 3 years ago
    Good luck for the next million hats !!
    The Pattis 3 years ago
    Best hat buying site!
    Jumz 3 years ago
    Love this site!
    Le Broute Minou 3 years ago
    best bot
    ERRORNAME 3 years ago
    i whana key bot
    Thanks for the giveaway
    eyyy ty for the giveaway
    janky 3 years ago
    Yeah i wanna win, & this is where all my hats are from
    Such an awesome site to use if you want to trade some hats without communicating with other peopel
    love this site keep up the good work
    ShamWoW Salesman 3 years ago
    Thanks bot for all the trades.
    Con "Artist" 3 years ago
    Thank god we have this bot he is the bot you can trust at any time.
    Steecherinos 3 years ago
    Truly a Gentlebot
    vukikuki 3 years ago
    Amazing bot
    ★RK★kobejay6 3 years ago
    MegaBigD 3 years ago
    How do door
    n3dd 3 years ago
    Ax is love, Ax is life
    Adonai 3 years ago
    Nave 3 years ago
    GLHF Bois :)
    Maxson 3 years ago
    Good luck everyone :>
    Gibus_Cake 3 years ago
    ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
    Melon 3 years ago
    god i love this guy
    Mythiaris 3 years ago
    Nice congrats on the 1 million milestone
    F3stioN (AFKA) 3 years ago
    thank u!
    FluffyBunny 3 years ago
    pls gaben
    Crayola [DFS] 3 years ago
    Let's do thus
    AlphaOwl 3 years ago
    FrostedAir 3 years ago
    gimme hugs
    Maddi's Butt 3 years ago
    ジャンプ 3 years ago
    eVay 3 years ago
    nice bots i changed so...
    Onion Goop 3 years ago
    BaconParadox 3 years ago
    hey dere
    Thundercooky 3 years ago
    Omega 3 years ago
    Maybe I'll get lucky. Who knows.
    Sergio 3 years ago
    Ha-ha-ha i'm using stupid jokes that everybody knows about.
    Forbees 3 years ago
    5chan made me say this
    danny o 3 years ago
    Eazy is his name, and he's comin'...
    Dog Mcgee 3 years ago
    Bush did 9/11
    Jim Crowbungus 3 years ago
    Good rot and also in rally wrote th comment because se I wan the ra file, but I at, but i meh Thx :3
    Dylansmells 3 years ago
    Trees have feelings
    DaRadicalLarry 3 years ago
    This statement is false.
    杀人鬼七夜 3 years ago
    thisnameboresme 3 years ago
    Applesauce is good with mayonnaise.
    pal 3 years ago
    Write a comment...
    Smilax 3 years ago
    Sign me up for some of that action!
    Kcalb 3 years ago
    Hi from Mexico, the best tradebot :DD
    Mr. Figgles 3 years ago
    Ayy Lmao
    3 years ago
    meow im a cat
    Bot perfetto
    Turdle Vic 3 years ago
    Poriwinkle 3 years ago
    Happy 1 millions hats traded.
    ®ATALENTE® 3 years ago
    best trader for me
    Oreo McFlurry 3 years ago
    Yes, I like this bot
    knifes 3 years ago
    beep boop
    3 years ago
    where would society be without hats?
    Accrobar 3 years ago
    7/10 needs more water -IGN
    Cayde 3 years ago
    best bot
    (sic) 3 years ago
    Thanks for the awesome bot swag
    Milo082 3 years ago
    Middlemannn 3 years ago
    i love you
    ☆NukePig☆ 3 years ago
    Epicon 3 years ago
    Congrats on the one million, Mr. Roboto!
    lmao 3 years ago
    Best bot
    Tᴜʀᴛʟᴇ 3 years ago
    I like turtles :D
    Kimplix 3 years ago
    Ohey there
    Look a Bird 3 years ago
    barry 3 years ago
    good milestone have many more
    Solrak 3 years ago
    Ck 3 years ago
    Nice Job
    purple spycrab 3 years ago
    love the bot very nice unlike 8/10
    ValentiN 3 years ago
    Friendly efficient Bot, nothing else to say
    dage 3 years ago
    Friendliest bot EVER. I love the chat lines!
    Bird-Person4427 3 years ago
    Best bot EU
    slide 3 years ago
    gj bot 10/10
    Major Doom 3 years ago
    O hai :3
    Neverx 3 years ago
    Great bot.
    Demon Cleaner 3 years ago
    Friendliest bot I know, everyone else is black and white, I like that these guys programmed theirs to make very simple, but still fun conversation
    Looks Interesting, will consider this site next time a want something
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿ ̿””gaben ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(͡• ͜໒ ͡• )
    Lord And Saviour 3 years ago
    Wow I got Loads of hats THANK YOU!
    ☣Bioman☣ 3 years ago
    Here for this amazing milestone for
    Topovn 3 years ago
    have made at least 5 keys profit from you
    aqwi 3 years ago
    HowlStalker 3 years ago
    Thank you, bot!
    CameronG7777 3 years ago
    Write a comment...
    YARN 3 years ago
    comment on bot profile
    Rafei 3 years ago
    Again, your services are amazing, quickest way to get hats.
    Left 3 years ago
    3 years ago
    heyoo :D
    Hiron 3 years ago
    Ket 3 years ago
    Not gonna win anything but oh well.
    Indigo 3 years ago
    DannyGb 3 years ago
    What am I doing here
    Gaben eat my inventory :(
    I love you,bot.
    We will make dispenser-pony-human childs.Don't ask why pony.
    Grunkle Gingy 3 years ago
    Behold my comment that I am using to enter this giveaway with, bask in its glory
    ♤»thinger 3 years ago
    is gud
    neptune 3 years ago
    sum1 3 years ago
    Write A Comment...
    Senator Skipper 3 years ago
    gooby plz
    Centurion 3 years ago
    Red Bat ♥ 3 years ago
    Love this bot
    Good job on the milestone. Count me in on the giveaway.
    ℍeadlesℤ 3 years ago
    can i has items
    Forgive 3 years ago
    Thanks for the Giveaway, Congrats for the huge milestone!
    yunger 3 years ago
    congrats on the huge milestone. I'll be a part of this giveaway too.
    PootisPowah 3 years ago
    I like pootis hoovys
    Stuff plez c:
    revi776 3 years ago
    Roko best doggo
    Somith 3 years ago
    I wish I get a key. c:
    Thanks for the giveaway and such, it's been a pleasure trading with you guys. Will continue to do so in the future when the need arises. Congrats on the 1 million as well.
    Telvo The Kid 3 years ago
    yay 3 years ago
    Walterboi 3 years ago
    Snib3r 3 years ago
    Thanks for the giveaway, and congrats on the huge milestone
    p1né tréé 3 years ago
    woop woop!
    El_Kommadante 3 years ago
    I find it ironic we all post on the bots' profile like bots trying to get free keys
    still, free keys
    HungryTapeworm 3 years ago
    Commenting for the giveway! Awesome bot btw guys. Good luck in the future ! Hope this grows !
    Well, 1 million is huge milestone for sure :D
    LoomingDeadline 3 years ago
    Seeyan 3 years ago
    howdy ho
    -=Qwerty=- 3 years ago
    sample text
    Vroomvroom 3 years ago
    *Insert reply*
    Stroheim 3 years ago
    Hello bot, my name is phone
    eyy lmao
    Foo_Lynx 3 years ago
    Sandvich and i are coming for you!
    Pineappleman 3 years ago
    Best Bot 10/10
    Sometimes I close my eyes, and imagine I am a green hippo.
    XerkBeaz 3 years ago
    \(o>o)/ commant
    Chromlicious 3 years ago
    If you got 1 million hats and put them in a pile... you would have one million hats.
    maeko 3 years ago
    It's a tree
    Simii 3 years ago
    Write a comment here...
    Midget 3 years ago
    Good job on the 1mil hats!
    Congrats!! :O
    ☆SpookyBread 3 years ago
    A simple comment
    For a simple person( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Steel™ 3 years ago
    pupo 3 years ago
    ti ho scambiato una bidonata di cappelli, io e i miei fratelli te ne abbiamo dati quasi 19mila in 3 :D
    Space 3 years ago
    1 million hats.. what would you do with 1 million hats?
    Meh 3 years ago
    Achievement Get: 1Million
    Runk meister 3 years ago
    SO MUCH HAAATS!!11!!1111!!
    Joel 3 years ago
    Demoman: TOO MUCH MAGIC!
    Qmazi 3 years ago
    1 mil hype :D
    Just 1 million...Too much hats
    Odin 3 years ago
    1 mil
    Theomightybob 3 years ago
    This is the most friendly bot ever!
    Jigs 3 years ago
    Giveaway YAY :D
    olkyt 3 years ago
    tea 3 years ago
    1,000,000 hats is a lot...
    ShadΩw 3 years ago
    I'll join the giveaway :D
    Checkmate 3 years ago
    Keys please.
    RED 3 years ago
    omg 1 mil omg ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Congrats :D
    Aico 3 years ago
    Now this is one hell of a way to show appretiation to the bot!
    RetRoll 3 years ago
    Good luck with giveaway
    Flynn 3 years ago
    1 mil yay! :D
    Congrats on 1 million! next stop, 2 million!
    fucking idiot 3 years ago
    Xâyâh 3 years ago
    congratz on 1 million :D
    Dashcake 3 years ago
    a bot to do a bad pun
    Lil Dicky_ 3 years ago
    +rep congrats on one Million hat exchange love YOU brozilas ;DDDDD
    1 million :D
    1 Mil baby!
    ZTG | Bryan 3 years ago
    Congrat Guys For 1 Million
    Sorry:) 3 years ago
    congratz guys 1 million!! niceee
    jellydotjar ツ 3 years ago
    peetuh 3 years ago
    can i heav one kay
    Tris 3 years ago
    dtf angent 3 years ago
    Lil Dicky_ 3 years ago
    +rep congrats on one Million hat exchange love YOU brozilas ;DDDDD
    Fullg 3 years ago
    Giveaway entry
    minicrits 3 years ago
    +rep best trading bot ever!
    Spamming for the giveaway ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )
    Bin Laiden 3 years ago
    wow you're cool
    Ge-Ge 3 years ago
    noice, GL all and thanks for the giveaway!
    FancyFedora 3 years ago
    Here's my comment for the entry. No need to read this.
    Spry 3 years ago
    Hylander 3 years ago
    Amazing website. Congratz!
    Rui 3 years ago
    +banana, Was good trip
    Adolf Dosh 3 years ago
    +rep Also here for Giveaway ;3
    MR. Camel butter 3 years ago
    +rep best trading bot!
    Spar 3 years ago
    so, congratulations for the milestone
    =ʝℒ| Johncana 3 years ago
    Giveaway yay gl 2 all
    fenolftalein69 3 years ago
    +rep I want to enter the giveaway
    DJB2401 3 years ago
    1 million trades grats I remember my first trade here hurray for gr8 prices!
    triplesix 3 years ago
    10 keys ples
    JK 3 years ago
    Congrats on the 1,000,000 :D
    blitZ 3 years ago
    let me join
    Hayzen 3 years ago
    I dont even trade anymore
    and I dont unbox either
    but I want keys
    CVB 3 years ago
    Enterin giveaway.
    EAT DA POOPOO 3 years ago
    good prices for hats to buy or sell....whats not to like
    Akaashi 3 years ago
    congrats on 1M hats exchange :D
    Hi :3
    Firas #TF2SP 3 years ago
    This bot is my only friend
    Ðérak 3 years ago
    +rep, used numerous times with no problems.
    Yuno 3 years ago
    +rep nice & fast trading :3
    LeAlien 3 years ago
    ello, how ya doin?
    JG Dawg 3 years ago
    This website has been the most convenient thing to happen to me.
    Green Tea 3 years ago
    Can I habe hat pl0x
    gimme keys
    Flint 3 years ago
    ayyy lamo joining le raffle
    error_00000000001 ( no comment actually placed ) Please try again later ().
    Metro 3 years ago
    Entering Giveaway comment. Good luck for everybody else.
    Entry And congrants
    [SaltySoda] 3 years ago
    The Ubermage☭ 3 years ago
    I'm so happy that Sfuminator reached 2 million trades. Keep up what you are doing here!
    Alucard 3 years ago
    just entering the giveaway, nothing to special here
    1 mil milestone! that is really huge!
    So'n Psycho 3 years ago
    This isn't a Comment. I'm just coming through.
    i game naked 3 years ago
    +rep now enter me in the contest pls :3
    +rep I just love this site!I mean...really!Nice bot...nice colors and very nice time(I waited the most only 1 minute)Keep on rolling guys!
    GooberSchnoobs 3 years ago
    Anime Person 3 years ago
    raffle entry :D
    Kurobato 3 years ago
    Giveaway comment
    Elee 3 years ago
    Entering the giveaway ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)
    Titan 3 years ago
    Don't mind me, just passing through the comments.
    Good luck to everyone.

    Happy Trading~
    homeless 3 years ago
    +rep love this bot
    SolarPolarMan 3 years ago
    Give away?
    Dєx 3 years ago
    +rep :3
    Spoon 3 years ago
    les go woooooooooooo
    Nikosmn 3 years ago
    Giveaway? Why not :3
    Hi :)
    Scales 3 years ago
    Many thanks for the hats!
    +rep GOOD BOT MAN!!
    a 3 years ago
    ghit 3 years ago
    +rep fantastic bot ! :D
    AlexKnowsBetter 3 years ago
    Giveaway entry c:
    - Tautvis. 3 years ago
    entering in the giveaway :3
    Dranex 3 years ago
    +rep you are kawaii :####### I love you bot xd
    Giveaway plez +rep great bot
    Wojox 3 years ago
    The_Optimizer 3 years ago
    ayy lmao
    Thx for the giveaway
    wret 3 years ago
    Dank MayMays
    i will join 2 :D
    Yay, glhf all!
    PhantomTrueShot 3 years ago
    ★TacoAdrian★ 3 years ago
    +rep good trader i have been using this for a long time and i would like to thank you for always having hats that i need =)
    Metro 3 years ago
    Im writing here becouse of the Giveaway.
    You're handsome~!
    Jibril 3 years ago
    +rep ohai
    Scrap.TF | KREV 3 years ago
    Entering in the giveaway.
    ACFan120 3 years ago
    Mr.Knight 3 years ago
    Meepo 3 years ago
    +rep Awesome c:
    Tokiko 3 years ago
    ayy le mayo
    giveway comment and +rep
    Tomato ♥ 3 years ago
    Wraith-ion 3 years ago
    Giveaway thingy ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)
    Keith 3 years ago
    hellu :3
    minicrits 3 years ago
    Giveaway comment
    mag simp 3 years ago
    +rep Been trading with this bot for a few months. Excellent. Best. Bot. Ever. Made.
    +rep best bot ever
    Reef 3 years ago
    entering the giveaway :3
    Babits Mihály 3 years ago
    enter it, gimme it
    Uncle_Coffee_ 3 years ago
    thx and have fun
    Sabesaroo 3 years ago
    botch 3 years ago
    I say +rep old bean
    InsanityAwaken 3 years ago
    +rep C:
    rainford 3 years ago
    givaway comment
    hvdptrk 3 years ago
    Canpake 3 years ago
    entering in the giveaway :D
    alttantire[TR] 4 years ago
    sky captain=1.55 pure
    TreasureGhost 4 years ago
    Dr.Max 4 years ago
    Noz 4 years ago
    +rep best bot
    The Tormented 4 years ago
    Best bot ever
    Web Side Jew 4 years ago
    +rep | What's cooler than a penguin in a disco? This guy! After all, i love using
    Jay_Terminator 4 years ago
    I have a problem , anyone can help?
    N!ghTM@Re$*% 4 years ago
    WasNotExpected 4 years ago
    Cookie? Sfuminator is awesome!
    Asian Sckroob 4 years ago
    Don't Be A Faguette, Be a Baguette!
    fez 4 years ago
    HEy there fella
    William :3 4 years ago
    way better then
    ツ rudi 웃 4 years ago
    Trashcan Trevor 4 years ago
    What a great bot.
    Sonic Dice 4 years ago
    dis a comment
    Toonkid | APP 4 years ago
    Giveaway comment
    this is a comment
    Spartrainthor 4 years ago
    + Rep, but why is the cornice of my profile picture red?
    Snow 4 years ago
    Nuewt 4 years ago
    twerk hi and im in
    Max Burg 4 years ago
    Heard there was a key giveaway.
    *makes bambi face*
    WasNotExpected 4 years ago
    Awesome bot! Can i get The Key?
    blitZ 4 years ago
    Key please! Oh and best-est bot ever :P
    Jolt 4 years ago
    Gimme the key already! I`m desperate :|
    Oh, and gud bot. That has to be said. He even responds to simple things!
    A Very Cool bot! And i can Respond to me! 1 keys please!
    JAKEQ 4 years ago
    I would like a key. ;)
    UltraKillZ 4 years ago
    that key giveaway tho

    Cthulhu♫ 4 years ago
    This is most definitely the most pleasant bot I have interacted with.
    Goku 4 years ago
    very friendly bot
    ♋Kεcsa 4 years ago
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