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Update here!
Mon 05 September 2016
The big update is here
You can now trade taunts and paints and you can do that with both keys and metal.
If you didn't know, you can also set your trade offer url from your sfuminator profile.
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CallumTheFeg 18 hours ago
Suntaj 3 days ago
in 23-4-17 page doesn't work
40,000K 6 days ago
Lol rep?
Trungal 1 week ago
-={GG}=- Cal28 1 week ago
The Max Core 1 week ago
Wolf_Game 1 week ago
1 week ago
プロ Sup 1 week ago
Toom 1 week ago
REO|Kaiser ♥ 1 week ago
MrHTigrs 2 weeks ago
alex$$$$ 2 weeks ago
3.5.10. 3 weeks ago
3.5.10. 3 weeks ago
3.5.10. 3 weeks ago
3.5.10. 3 weeks ago
3.5.10. 3 weeks ago
3.5.10. 3 weeks ago
CR7 3 weeks ago
Stabby Stabby 3 weeks ago
Ryslan>MLP< 3 weeks ago
duckie 3 weeks ago
Buttsex 3 weeks ago
Dima6592 3 weeks ago
123 3 weeks ago
Link 1 month ago
DemoComedor 1 month ago
Legior 1 month ago
MLG-BOOM-DZ-PD2 1 month ago
MC.Doge 1 month ago
ANU$ M☮LD 1 month ago
add some spreadsheet/pricelist or something yo
OP哥 1 month ago
nice +rep
o.W.n T-3000 1 month ago
web vary good trade
Feyterix 1 month ago
прекрасный сайт!
NeZoX 1 month ago
hi, ihave a problem!
Hey sfuminator crew! I love the bot and website. It's really helped me get stuff I wanted that no one else had. I do have a suggestion though. When you can, try to start buying and selling Unusuals. Other than that, you guys did a great job with the bot. Keep up the good work!
Kwep 1 month ago
There was an error sending your trade offer. Please try again later. (26) ?_
OP哥 1 month ago
Stokvis ☑ 1 month ago
How about this: I have plenty refined in my bp. If something is 26 ref and I have 50 ref, why does the bot take a key (and some metal) instead of taking the ref? I know why, profits. But I don't like your keyprice, I always end up paying more than what I should have paid in metal. So stop this dodgy shit please.
Ax & Pijama [ BOT] - community banned? What?
SGT. Crunchies 2 months ago
how long does the cool down take? It's been 2 days
Why is trading so slow? 99% of the time it doesn't even do anything, It's been like this for hours now.
Suntaj 2 months ago
why button ,,trade" doesn't work?
Pro301 2 months ago
Wonder why everyone is having problems. I have done 14 trades now and all my items were fine.
killer 2 months ago
i cant buy shit for now :D
Cincast 2 months ago
I like this site a lot
I'll promote it to my friends
My paints is doesn't working ;(
Nightmare 3 months ago
website is slow..
Naozumi 3 months ago
Website is slow. I have 200mbps and when i click on something its loading for 30 minutes. What's the problem?
YaBoi 3 months ago
sometimes my items wont show up
BlackHistoryMonth 3 months ago
they should make a category of weapon skins, who's with me here?
Batman 4 months ago
Special and
Impossible to be terrible and it is undoubtedly
All in all, an amazing
Trading site and it contains
Omnipotent offers with
Resillient Bots.
Fortress Third Party Website that is the best! =

☆BARSON☆ 4 months ago
items on sell adde me to your friends list
✔【RsKy】♥ 4 months ago
+ regular wepons BUT if that wepons have ks-a mke the price same :> thx for read
Wolf O'Donnell 5 months ago
How about adding regular weapons too?
Fucking Insecure 5 months ago
k nvm
i just leaved the server and i got my items from the trade
Fucking Insecure 5 months ago
traded and didn't got my items this time coz other times i was getting my items
unusual hat to trade

Gaming Network 5 months ago
Why isn't working the painting on hats, i want to sell painted hats and its not working...
i need bad pipes
kakashi 5 months ago
MagazineColt 5 months ago
IM trying to trade hats and it keeps coming up with a error and i trade taunts and it works FIX THIS.
Du$elix 6 months ago
Ppl just sell paint, they rarely buy paint. (Damon Lime green is expensive)
Jpecks™ 6 months ago
There's only one paint :(
To Mee It Works :D
★Halion Tf★ 6 months ago
DEV1L 6 months ago
ı'm waiting
DEV1L 6 months ago
sfuminator pls
Watermelon Boy 6 months ago
it doesnt update my backpack fix this pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse
Crusader Soop 6 months ago
steam isnt down your down
DEV1L 6 months ago
pls fix
DEV1L 6 months ago
KarlC10174 6 months ago
fix the trade error
><Gouminho 6 months ago
best update
Crusader Soop 6 months ago
trading isnt working plz fix
Soldier Main 6 months ago
One time i wanted shit... Someone else gets it
DEV1L 6 months ago
ı wait 1 hour
DEV1L 6 months ago
fix this shit
Brambo Babbons 7 months ago
why did i get spammed this 9 times or so.
tava 7 months ago
its was having an error when i try to trade with that bots
Gemdo 7 months ago
fucking bots
error trade
Spookstion 7 months ago
I recommend allowing people to sell and buy robot parts.
Crusader Soop 7 months ago
it wont let me trade plz fix
-CoM- | Eugene | 7 months ago
Write a comment...
Crusader Soop 7 months ago
trading isnt working plz fix
Crusader Soop 7 months ago
ⓦ⓷ⓑ⓹⓵⓻⓷ ⓚ⓷⓷ⓟ⓹ ⓕⓡ⓷⓷ⓩ⓵ⓝ⓺ ⓕ⓵ⓧ ⓟⓛ⓪ⓧ
Dont3venTryM8 7 months ago
I would recommend making it so when you have killstreaks attached to your weapons they count it. Same with strange parts.
This Comment is completly Useless .
Add me on steam and we can negotiate
Any one wants a strange hat for 11 ref
i just newly got here but its not overprices like :D
add the rancho relaxo please!
pls fix ;_;
DEV1L 7 months ago
ı cant trade
Włamywacz Dylan 7 months ago
dont know i think 1 hour and repair it
Crusader Soop 7 months ago
nothings working anyone know why?
Crusader Soop 7 months ago
nothings working anyone know why?
Włamywacz Dylan 7 months ago
some one know why dont working?
Wagreed 7 months ago
Waiting for KS trading :d
Hurtmaker 7 months ago
Nuice lags
Włamywacz Dylan 7 months ago
why dont working
global elite 7 months ago
I love how the bot doesn't work 24/7
GOYOTO™ 7 months ago

GOYOTO™ 7 months ago
Sgt. Peters 7 months ago
What a high quality update this is!
Ayy Ax-kun saw my post on the forums
[Mr]Wolverine 7 months ago
yes, gud update,nice work man
Zack.. 7 months ago
Really cool update, keep up the good work Ax_6!
7 months ago
Cool update just wish I can buy paint
Frenzo 7 months ago
Pretty nice update, but the paint section doesn't seem to be working
maxjr 7 months ago
Yea, nice update, I'm enjoying these sections for paints and taunts, keep it up. Even that paints section can't load for me, i don't know why.
Froz the no lifer 7 months ago
I remember when it used to sell only hats.Congrats Ax_6 for making this awesome trade site.
samutrai 7 months ago
beter than overprices shit
What I like about this:I can finally buy paints,and taunts!
What I hate about this:It'll be a heck of a time trying to match price with the taunts.
Goatrix 7 months ago
Denway 7 months ago
Nicely done, Ax_6!
Ax_6 7 months ago
Key trade is included in this update
Boris of U.S.S.R 7 months ago
Next update: Key trade

Be able to buy/sell keys in your trade without using a command
Exwum 7 months ago
holy crap this is great
HellHound 7 months ago
fucking awesome famalam
Spartan [Trλin] 7 months ago
Major update incoming!
Fri 02 September 2016
Hello Sfuminators!
It's been a bit since our last update, but, It was well worth the wait.
Our upcoming update will be introduced quite soon, stay tuned for this weekend, it might happen!

PS: sneaky pic
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[B]atedor 2 weeks ago
hey mi the brizil nop america
Mr. Verrinium 7 months ago
Woah, you can sell taunts, and more expensive genuines/vintages! That's pretty nice.
Zack.. 7 months ago
uncraftable hats?
TheSneakyShadow69 7 months ago
Support painted items?
[GLU] 7 months ago
keys taunt pls :D
>lynx 7 months ago
collectors? and Vintage?
⑨Blu_Wraith⑨ 7 months ago
To me this looks like its gonna be unusual, collectors, and vintage baking :D (I mean their respective colors are there after all)
Dopey_Frags 7 months ago
Ohhh daym the bots are offline maybe the update s coming rn!
widzu95 [⇄] 7 months ago
Items worth over key?
Orange 7 months ago
taunts pls?
Unusuals? Just guessin
★Maxwell★ 7 months ago
Goatrix 7 months ago
whoo! vintages? unusuals?
[Mr]Wolverine 7 months ago
ya this is really gud , hey can u put taunts to
ImPanda123 7 months ago
AlexanderGG 7 months ago
yay :>
S`ʜYeHyeEE ❤ 7 months ago
"about time" cliche
Meta 7 months ago
Skins confirmed
aoN1326 7 months ago
Jonas 7 months ago
Finally i hope there is some scrap banking :o
Jaradox 7 months ago
man bots always not working
Mr. Verrinium 7 months ago
Skins and paints ? maybe?
Gone Ham 7 months ago
Porn bots?!!! EXPOSED!!!
Welp, I'm hyped.
Wed 15 June 2016
Hello sfuminators,
We are very sorry about the current downtime we are experiencing. Our site still relies on apis in order to define item prices. At the moment, these apis are not working properly, therefore we are forced to stop our site until they fix their problem.
I apologise for the inconvenience
In order to leave a comment you have to login through steam.
Jaradox 7 months ago
this is almost perfect now I wish for a skin section
Jaradox 7 months ago
why isnt it loading all of my stuff
muLkuS 7 months ago
Demoman 7 months ago
Holy shit this is website is so much better than any other god awful trading website out there.

I find the hat I want, I click it, I get it ASAP. Fucking gg.
DEV1L 7 months ago
ı cant trade help

EggFriedRice 7 months ago
Saying Bot is unavailable even though after about 24 tries it worked. Trying to trade again still waiting for it to work. Just me?
Pleb 8 months ago
Oh... ITS FIXED!!!!!
Pleb 8 months ago
Sfuminator pls fix this site...... It used to be good now it sucks I used to love you guys.. So pls fix it

||_Temma_|| 8 months ago
bot cant trade right now... so annoying
Eyyy. Old post ;)
Pleb 8 months ago
Still not working any help? it just says "It seems that your account is not available for trade". Once again i need help with this issue.
Sissy :3 8 months ago
Sepps,the reason you can't add all of your hats,is because the bot is not buying that hat you want to sell. It's maybe overstocked or not even buying that hat.
Shadow Lord 8 months ago
maxjr 8 months ago
Everything is perfect, but I can't put in here all my hats. Can you tell me reason why?
Exwum 8 months ago
steam has some problems.
Better Than Everything But Can You Please Add Taunts ? ( İ Want Kazotsky Kick Taunt )
i need my demo cosmetics
maxjr 8 months ago
Bot can't trade right now. What am I suposted to do?
Bot can't trade right now!?!?
Ruby Hot Rhod 8 months ago
Great site for quick buying hats, Owner is kind, Site design is also very well done
多多 8 months ago
thx u
RetroSpy 8 months ago
i love you !!!
i is cri 8 months ago
This is way better than
|Rize| ¤Zomaxx¤ 8 months ago
Bot is sending the same message while i can trade normally: Oh no! Steam returned an error when sending the offer: Wasn't able to get a trade confirmation for your trade. (1003)
Fuuunnky' 9 months ago
better then
AY| andromeda1215 9 months ago
He is Gay
not a bad idea
Why not in the meantime just use local item prices. As in, just program it in instead of linking to
Site still unstable, could barely make it to the lists.
MrSpecialjonny 9 months ago
Fix your site its slower then a bloody snail
HoodedWolf 9 months ago
When is he gonna start the site up again its atleast been 2 weeks since i was able to trade!!!!
bauer marcell 9 months ago

TupTuśExE 9 months ago
I like sandvich's
#morepyroland ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
Naozumi 9 months ago
I cant trade
Øysteihel 9 months ago
site works well trust me i made lots f trades here but unfortunately steam servers are down so i couldn't trade today so DON'T BLAME AX BLAME GABEN
Lak3 9 months ago
for how much would you sell one of your bots steam account?
un chihuahua 9 months ago
cuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak :v
[DLT]waitung1 9 months ago
Filipi Smith 9 months ago
Orejamakung 9 months ago
Bot keeps thinking i'm afk... :)
Flapjack.exe 9 months ago
i love my dog
Simply 10 months ago
I'm making a trade right now, and it's denying it, saying it would exceed my maximum inventory space.
I still have 2 full pages.
¥2k 10 months ago
For some reason 90% of my hats are not showing up in my inventor on sfuminator. I love this place but this needs to be fixed for me ASAP
i problem I'm not see my items in my invetnroy
Kandro 10 months ago
RIP api
[O.D.S] FireStar 10 months ago
my inv wont load for some resson. it isnt set to private
Wendurz | 10 months ago
I'm ok um wow
Do it..JUST do it :D
Hey, I know this may not be the best place for this but, when are there going to be more banking types, if there are more coming, and what are they if they are?
Rock lobster 10 months ago
No problem sfuminator forever xDD
Kika368 10 months ago
Yesss I love this site, thanks for the fix guys!
Ax_6 10 months ago
Alright, we are back running! :)
Boris of U.S.S.R 10 months ago
Shit happens, but it'll be fixed
yiz46 10 months ago
ok :/
A factory far away 10 months ago
i hope it's fixed soon.
Long wait ? I need buy nice all class hat :)
Bunster 10 months ago
we wait for the fix, also ax_6 your site is really nice :)
middy 10 months ago
its sad but they are right
Simply 10 months ago
I hope it's fixed soon.
VexIgnited 10 months ago
Guys realize that they cant fix it, It's the that is down
>lynx 10 months ago
guys plz dis is complete crap, i really wanted to trade, i have 100 ref in my inv for this
jerkSter 10 months ago
Please fix!
Titan 10 months ago
whats the source of the problem?

i wonder :o
Tic 10 months ago
>lynx 10 months ago
das bull
The Strange Update
Sun 24 January 2016
Hello everyone!
I'm happy to announce a great update on Sfuminator.

We now support strange items!

It was requested by many of you, but before doing this, a big work in the background has been done in order to make this possible, even if you didn't notice, software changed radically in the last weeks, but don't worry, trading is as easy as before!

To celebrate this event, we added a new bot! His name is Dino Budino, these are his first days of trading so, be gentle with him.

So yeah, Happy trading! And... oh, did I mention strange items are not limited to hats but you can trade weapons as well? Have a look to the shop ;)
In order to leave a comment you have to login through steam.
>lynx 10 months ago

Kika368 10 months ago
Any idea when the item server's gonna work again?
A factory far away 10 months ago
what's going on? why aint it working?
PikaCombat 10 months ago
what's wrong on your server? I cant use it
Stink 10 months ago
I can't use it because it says my inventory is full, but I have 6 more pages to fill..
e c h (o_).gay 11 months ago
how come it does not let me trade and it says sorry,bot cant trade right now. Tell me PLZ
River 11 months ago
Oh no , it works sorry
River 11 months ago
hi , my trading bot fails to send me an offer, What do i do??
Onei10 11 months ago
hey I was trading but i never got my stuff could someone please tell me why?
NVXWS43U 11 months ago
iTzStokz 11 months ago
so o unico br nessa porra ?

padda - 11 months ago
My sfuminator stopped working ;-; 'Sorry, bot can't trade right now' while I see new items being added. how 2 fix??
Uncle Batman 11 months ago
best trading bots in the world. i use it often so keep doing what you doing because its amazing :D ^^
P5yc02 11 months ago
i just found out about this web site loks greate you guys did a greate job
PetRoky 11 months ago
Kunai Master 12 months ago
Fox Braun 1 year ago
steam down
and i do have trade hold sry guys
Well i cant say its the best site i mean i find betters site and i dont have allot pure which is sad i cant buy anything but im selling my tough keys for the pure 17.77 ref hers my url.
Gaz 1 year ago
why cant i trade for stranges? anyway this is a very good site
yiz46 1 year ago
Nice, good luck :)
$weet $alt 1 year ago
Emiir 1 year ago
TYT 1 year ago
is good
Spaps 1 year ago
OP哥 1 year ago
✪SPY✪ 1 year ago
NeON 1 year ago
Aden Hekimoglu 1 year ago
it dosnt seem strange
Rasputin 1 year ago
I think Dino Budino is fucking things up today
Best trade site i ever have see in all my LIFE
~♥Llamas♥~ 1 year ago
best site Ever.
soory 1 year ago
Neat site, nice dev
1 year ago
>tfw the same bot buys almost everything you try to buy from sfuminator :( before you can click it

not fair
The Chump 1 year ago
*click* Noice.
L@G 1 year ago
Yass !
Waltz 1 year ago
PipoMiku 1 year ago
♥ Sansy ♥ 1 year ago
Dude my cosmetics dont seeable on here
Brown 1 year ago
You guys should have killstreak kit trading
Thelegend27 1 year ago
hello dino budino and ik you're a bot but i haven't met i can tell we are gonna e great friends
kyoto 1 year ago
Keep up the good work :D
Very nice site, I love it!
✿Quowa 1 year ago
I like this site, good job guys!
Hey guys, anyone else found any good replies, like if you say thanks, he says welcome. If you say it twice, he'll say he already answered to that. If you say "I love you", he'll say "Aww so sweet, of course I love you too!"
Bunster 1 year ago
Oh my god your site is the best thing ever! im so glad and proud to get to use this,
Good job! I can't wait for more features!
I suggested a strange weapons bot! :D I'm not sure if it was because of me or if Ax had it already planned but it's nice to see this as an actual thing. Keep up the good work Ax!
random boat 1 year ago
*waits for everything banking*
Kandro 1 year ago
Dino is a Budino
DiamondGaming 1 year ago
Deacon 1 year ago
whoa nice
Sgt. Peters 1 year ago
Kibblekip 1 year ago
Dino is turning out to be just as dumb as Ax & Pijama, which is a great sign
duwang 1 year ago
Just gotta wait for taunts and other items.
♥ Sansy ♥ 1 year ago
Dude you stealed my item !
it is gone !
and my refs too
Toxi-C-Loud 1 year ago
There's one bot offline
G McSpoon 1 year ago
Found an issue with strange weapon banking, I can sell my Aussie Rocket Launcher for 3.88 ref (bit under priced in my opinion). It displays as a standard strange rocket launcher without the Aussie property
Ax_6 1 year ago
@Bluntmaster Bloozur traffic, you are a lot, eventually it will get better :P
Spooky ^o,,o^ 1 year ago
Bloozur 1 year ago
trying to use the strange section but it keeps staying on the loading screen. is something wrong?
Very nice :)
Changes coming
Sun 03 January 2016
As you might have noticed, we are doing some work here!

You might experience problems using the main site, if so please checkout the beta version it should be more stable.

We are really focussing on getting Sfuminator as much reliable as possible, before going on with the next updates, so that's why we are opening again our beta session.

You can try it out here
And if you can, we would be happy to have your feedback!
In order to leave a comment you have to login through steam.
♥ Sansy ♥ 1 year ago
Dude you stealed my item !
it is gone !
and my refs too
"Something Strange" uh... Ah. It must just be some fnaf thing (=

I Don't know but it make some senes
What's this "Strange" thing even?
I' guess, look want to buy much coldsnap for banking, good Job
I guess I wasn't the only one who guessed strange cosmetic banking.
Detone 1 year ago
Great job with this website: looks great, good prices, i'm gonna start using it over for hats.
Alex 1 year ago
I am guessing strange hat banking.
When will it come out though?
Bunster 1 year ago
maybe there will be a Strange hat banking too !?
Smartph0ne 1 year ago
what? something strange is coming? when? an update? a good item is realesed?
Blurr 1 year ago
"Something strange is coming" ooooooooooo
WHY? some items don't load ;cccc
gamerunknown 1 year ago
myst3r 1 year ago
the bot won't add me either
Mercury; 1 year ago
Because the bots do not accept the bills hat. Its a higher value hat, Just as it doesn't buy earbuds either.
Dominus 1 year ago
why cant i sell my bills?
Some of my items don't even load. What's with that?
AtomicCoconuts 1 year ago
gave me a rep also !

Joey 1 year ago
the bot gave me a +rep
Yilk 1 year ago
the bot won't add me in beta
MaTiZ 1 year ago
i have problem with trading
because bot don't send me trade offer
The reason i like this website most is because of the well mannered bots. You've raised them well
Bacon God 1 year ago
best trading site 9/10 (minor bugs)
I can't wait to see what you're gonna do Ax :D
Claid 1 year ago
umm idk why but im not getting anything when trying to trade him. that and im not sure if my escrow works at all iv'e had it for over a month
Happy new year!
Fri 01 January 2016
Hello everyone,
We would like to wish you the best for this new year.

Also, we would like to let you know that we are aware about the issues our trading system is having lately and that we are working on their fix. In a few days everything will run smoothly again.
We are working on new features as well so stay tuned for that!
It will be a great year for us, so we are really looking forward to it!
In order to leave a comment you have to login through steam.
Choco|Waffle$ 1 year ago
global elite 1 year ago
Bot says he sent a offer but nothing is popping up.
Podaur 1 year ago
D4NK DUD3 1 year ago
m8 ur trade offers always have a problem,idk if it is steam or wut,plz fix it
if you're aware about the issues can you please refund the ref or things that people lost
shilo 1 year ago
Just take your time Ax_6
Take all the time you need
Would be cool if you sell/buy taunts for metal :3
Pre Vizsla 1 year ago
adding taunts to this site would make me come here much more, ik its hard to run these things just some feedback
RagingSenpai 1 year ago
If only they take Taunts as metal. :I
Yilk 1 year ago
good job ax :3
Yey 2 nd.
Ted Bear 1 year ago
Steam and Escrow
Wed 02 December 2015
As you might already know, steam will soon release an update regarding the trading system.
You can read more about it here

We just wanted to let you know that won't be affected by the update.
Unless something more is going to change about authentication procedures everything will work just fine.

We recommend to link your account to a mobile device if you didn't yet, in order to avoid escrow. If your phone doesn't support the steam app you can always use the Desktop Authenticator application. (Remember that you are the only responsible of your own account and its security)

Happy trading!
In order to leave a comment you have to login through steam.
Jeb 1 year ago
The Trade Bot has been working for me. Earlier it was having the same issues everyone else was getting, but I hadn't turned on Trade Confirmations. After that it began to work fine, so maybe thats the problem?
global elite 1 year ago
Bot sends jack shit. Not trades.
Butterscotch 1 year ago
The bot is giving me a link but not sending a trade offer
mashtika 1 year ago
Bot sending me trade and remove the trade i cant trade with this bot
saggy sack 1 year ago
Yea it ain't sending me anything.
Yeah... the bot is just not sending trade offers or even a friend request.
Dy_2 1 year ago
The bot isn't sending me a friend request :( I've tried multiple times
[V!P]Rabiza1 1 year ago
The bot keeps crashing, i can't trade with him, he is always offline.
The bot keeps going on and offline for me, and not opening a trade offer.
Your Friend 1 year ago
cant trade for 3 days :(
Zark Airzander 1 year ago
The Ax&Pijama bot has too many items in his inventory so I can't trade :/
Bombastic 1 year ago
this isn't working, every single time i go onto my trade it just takes ages then goes back to the item page. I don't know if its anything to do with doing this on the mac, but this is a complaint & FIX IT. ALL I WANT IS 3 HEAVY COSMETICS
first time trying this, bot takes so long to confirm and then kicks me for being "afk"
shiro 1 year ago
"trade canceled on 15 dec 2015" . I didn't cancel the trade and i didn't recieve any items! The bot didn't get his items back also...
Mercury; 1 year ago
There are 2 bots.These are excelent news! There are 2 bots.
Black2k50 1 year ago
When is the old bot coming back? I miss him ( ͡; ͜ʖ ͡; )
That is just really good news. I am happy that the website won't be affected by the "Trade Hold" System
just bought a hat and didnt come in and its on hold so yea......
realisticname 1 year ago
Will we still be able to trade with the bot even though we haven't enable the steam mobile authenticator?
even me.......they said my trade is accepted...on hold till 13 dec......gotta wait or else ill lose my items
Mr.Moonmann 1 year ago
i traded my items for like 24.33 ref but it never came and i didn't get my refined and i don't have the items i traded and sfuminator doesn't have it
Glanster 1 year ago
So Basically won't be affected. So we can buy/sell things normal without inconvenience?
I was worried that this would be shut down. But its not so yay! :D
Poi2_SVK 1 year ago
its ok
King of Kings 1 year ago
D-l AK-47 1 year ago
No problem dude :D
-Pîkî.' 1 year ago
Ok bro No Problem :D
We thank you all Lord Gaben.
-\/G- Fabes 1 year ago
Thanks Gaben
I'm using E-mail so...

Zack.. 1 year ago
Nice, once again we're not disappointed by this site. I appreciate it, keep up the good work ^_^
Ψ | Psi-Lapse 1 year ago
I was worried. Glad to know the bot'll make the change with all of us.
Appreciate it.
brai 1 year ago
:P thx ax
RiqR 1 year ago
Ok! =D
Something more
Thu 20 August 2015
If last update wasn't enough, we just added even more stuff!
- Displaying paints when selling hats
- Reintroduced support for manual trade
- Items link to community wiki
- A few shop usage improvements
In order to leave a comment you have to login through steam.
Mr.BillyBob 1 year ago

Zeugziumy 1 year ago
I don't have a smartphone and I'm actually afraid to use the Desktop Authenticator. Well, I'm helpless.
NathanDark 1 year ago
So escrow is soon coming,what are you guys doing with that? can you give your bot a mobile auth?
Stink 1 year ago
what happened to all your guys stuff?
xXORANGEXx 1 year ago
hi there ^u^
I can't pay with keys ??!! Lel pls fix it
please add weapons please
Lucy 1 year ago
add weps plz
Blu 1 year ago
Cool hats
Νυκαλεχ 1 year ago
Best trading hats site :)
Cin 1 year ago
We need a new bot!
Pooty 1 year ago
not working 4 me
kotek124 1 year ago
Johnock 1 year ago
This is the best bot.. that's all i can say :)
Wow this is much better hat trading then
1 year ago
It works great, and, when will we be able to hug it, and have the bot hug back? Would be a nice feature!
kr3qh [⇄] 1 year ago You have not updated my inventory and my name. How can i fix it?
Poker Birthday 1 year ago
it's now working thanks happy trade
what ? :)

Hi Everyone!
$$$$ 1 year ago
it's now working thanks happy trade
$$$$ 1 year ago
why i cant sell my genuine Distinguished Rogue ...?
Deacon 1 year ago
hmm, cant sell anything... "steam servers didnt respond..." :P
' Nexus ' 1 year ago
i cant sell my hats Why ?? -___-
Thumbs up for this side
Pinkie Pie 1 year ago
when will you program the bot to hug back?
TOXIC[WOLF] 1 year ago
I wish there were more cosmetic and it is awesome bot
Its a great bot wish there were more cosmetics
shilo 1 year ago
More variety than hat banking
8/10 Sfuminator Hats
2/10 Hats
Dep 1 year ago
its a great bot
hey dude how do i turn my stuff into metal here or i cant ?
K-ram 1 year ago
Best bot I ever seen
DragonNox 1 year ago
This bot is so friendly!
bataa_mw 1 year ago
Pinkie Pie 1 year ago
why don't you code it into the bot, so when you hug him, he will hug back?
Johnock 1 year ago
Bro ! Hi ! Wassup ! Can ya add more bots ? Just asking ...
Please add more bots...It will be so helpfull...
no more hat trades?
hhhmmmmm ...Sure =P
How about multiple bots for faster trading? It's easier and faster.
I thought there was a bug that sometimes theyd add a paint to a hat XD
ayyy lmao 1 year ago
why is trading disabled, steam is up?
Lord of Lightning lol i searched up for the lolz and it existed XD
Blank 1 year ago
I accepted the email confirmation in the manual trade. I did not get my hat :(
Zim-Zam 1 year ago
Eallo :]
Tyrant 1 year ago
Why don't my hats get scanned? Do I have to wait? or something?
Some Psycho. 1 year ago
Ax, I find this trade bot and website much better than, but it sometimes takes it a while to load my or it's own inventory, would you be so kind as to try and speed up this process?
MrSpecialjonny 1 year ago
Site is slow
ѭMitcho 1 year ago
It's funny because he asks you: "Are you there?"
And you can say: no.
And the bot says: Oh.
Yes , they are coded so good , like when he asks: are you there? and i respond yes and he says ok XD
KuYa 1 year ago
The bots are SO nice. It's almost like they're conscious. Which is a bit creepy.
Arashi no ao 1 year ago
whatever -_-
Feesh-E 1 year ago
I wonder whens the next update :P
John Cena 1 year ago
The bot is good, I am glad I found this site when it was new. Whatever update, I think when you removed selling hats for hats left, the bot went haywire. Like I don't get trade requests. Sorry if I insulted your buddy bot, I love him. :D
steam down???
IcedCherry 1 year ago
@Ax_6 How did u make this bot? :3 please respond D:
Twuileight 1 year ago
I try to sell my five month and the bot only gives me 3 ref instead of 3.66
KMVulpine 1 year ago
The bot keeps saying that I done have enough metal when I do have enough!
Fast, Reliable and quick. Perfection.
Ax_6 1 year ago
Guys, for any problem please use the support section
the bot is shit
ive lost some ref on this but well it works
Jubbz 1 year ago
This is the best trade site ever! The bot is also super friendly, ai had no idea it was a bot untill i asked it! Plus, this site never has problems!
Mortality 1 year ago
the bots crashed atleast 20 times!
shadow_ 1 year ago
The bot crashed at least 15 times
The bot keeps crashing and wont put up the items when I out mine up, and there is a big group of ppl on manual trade with the same problem.
EwanLan 1 year ago
there needs to be a search function for all class hats instead of having to scan through one of class searches for an all/multi class hat
Ax_6 1 year ago
@☜☣PureSoup-rice☣☞ @l★lRonoYOLOl★l If STEAM server doesn't respond, there's nothing to fix here, simply steam apis are not working properly.
D-l AK-47 1 year ago
That error need to be fixed ' servers won't respond ' , i can't sell some hats :/ That is the noly error , anitthing eles , is ok:D
Bunster 1 year ago
i just want to say , when sometime i trade with the bot manual the bot not giving enough metal, i tried again with trade offer and it work , if someone can fix this :D
Please make the site won't go "servers won't respond" it makes my items unsellable even it is fixed cause someone filled the hat :/
Cin 1 year ago
Suggestion: Add class buttons like
nuuu damn paints , Good thing i sold it already
Mercury; 1 year ago
This site has helped me so much, a reason why i keep up donating as soon as i get metals :')
I don't know why i can't sell my newly bought hats it will say servers wont respond :/
Psyral 1 year ago
Man that was a seriously fast response and fix. This is why I use this site over anything else!
Ax_6 1 year ago
@Psyral whoopsie, fixed!
nice job dude
Psyral 1 year ago
welp. I tried opening a ticket because the bot was having problems trading, and all the site does is bring me to some blank page that wont load anything.
So was that you real Mom? Or just a story? Because it sounded real.
That story was just.....really good! thanks! :D
exon 1 year ago
grate :D
MeepMoop 1 year ago
nuuuu my hopes and dreams XD
Pooty 1 year ago
I just wanted to say, Ax_6 that I love your service and the bot is super friendly
keep it up man!
Ax_6 1 year ago
Also note, paints are displayed ONLY when selling hats
[Ärrä Vesi] 1 year ago
(R.I.P Paint hunt)
Ax_6 1 year ago
No extra for painted hats, it's there to help you identify your items
wait a sec, the Austrailium Gold Hat Of Cards I Have Did'nt Change Price :P damn it sucks when stuff is in beta D=
MeepMoop 1 year ago
is it working?
Ax_6 1 year ago
Hat exchange has been merged to the hat shop. You can still trade hats for hats but now you can do that with any hat in the shop
Sammy_385 1 year ago
Am i crazy or is there no more hat exchange?
Uncle Demo 1 year ago
dammit i just sold a painted hat for like 2 or 1 hour before the upate :/
gr8 m8
Mr. Verrinium 1 year ago
I just noticed you guys added more support for more expensive items! Thanks a lot!
Did you notice some changes?
Mon 17 August 2015
...apart from everything?

We have a completely new Sfuminator!

- New design
Changed overall look (navbar, titles etc..)

- New stats
Stats have been moved to the homepage: new design and interactive items.

- New search tool
Located on the homepage, lets you search for items which can be directly bought from there

- New shop design
Buy and sell have been merged in only one page

- You can now both buy and sell hats at the same time
No need of hat exchange anymore

- General improvements
Speed improvement when requesting a trade.
Introduced shop inventory versioning for lighter and less resource intensive web browsing.

...and this is just the beginning ;)

Happy trading!
In order to leave a comment you have to login through steam.
boh 1 year ago
this is one sexy interface
Aaronix 1 year ago
This is an amazing update! However I think there should be a counter at the top showing how much metal you have in your inventory, it would make trading a lot more easier
Milo082 1 year ago
Nice mate
I like the new look and it seems that there is a bit more performance
tawo 1 year ago
nice touch
BananaSquid 1 year ago
Why is hat-for-hat gone? ;-;
Jacket 1 year ago
That Is nice :D Good Job m8
I really like the new website!
My acc wont work with trade, only manual trade, but now that you removed it the trades never work. what do i do to trade because when ever i trade it takes 5 min or the trade never shows up
Robojohn 1 year ago
I hope this is better for this website. And for players in sort.
Razorwrecker 1 year ago
chanm123456 1 year ago
There needs to be an organise by price button cause i cant buy many of these hats and I dont wanna spend tons of time finding one.
pls!!1 BACK!!!!!
Manny Pardo 1 year ago
nice work so good :D
Șpug 1 year ago
D-l AK-47 1 year ago
Look awesome !!! Nice update :)) Good Job :D
Cin 1 year ago
Can't wait to see sfuminator grow into something huge like
Also, I make better pasta than Ax.
I like the feel to this ... Really nice work ;) i apreciate this website because it is the simplest and fastest out her on the TF2 community trading sites .... Big UP
Neutronflow76 1 year ago
Nice look, more efficent. Goodjob
This is so cool, Good job
JoseOtero 1 year ago
Noice, The before design was really cool too. But well, time to change!
Love it. Nice job Ax! Can't wait to see what lies ahead for Sfuminator in the future!
xosmin 1 year ago
not to happy about the design. need a browse all button, basically, i'm searching for a hat and while browsing for it, i remember i needed others as well. LE: nvm, found it
Ax_6 1 year ago
Also, since there is a lot of new code going on, if you spot problems or bugs, please let me know! thank you :D
Skunk Ape † 1 year ago
Jesus Christ is coming back! Be ready and Repent! Jonh 3:16
Sfuminator Beta
Tue 11 August 2015

We just launched our beta program that will last for the next days. We have many changes coming up and we need some time to make sure that everything works fine, so, if you would like to help us discovering bugs and suggesting improvements or you just want to have a look to the new system start here

Happy trading!
In order to leave a comment you have to login through steam.
Pinkie Pie 1 year ago
can you have the bot hug?!
D-l AK-47 1 year ago
Nice sistem
Melon Lord 1 year ago
The search bar for buying hats seems to be broken
Asghar_Fighter 1 year ago
this site is so nice :D so pro systeme !
FlabbyWall1 1 year ago
i really want a pip-boy :(

[J]un [J]un (小振) no beg pls
Reaver 1 year ago
`` 1 year ago
Ax_6 1 year ago
In order to report bugs or make suggestions please use the apposite thread thank you!
pupo 1 year ago
ciao, ha funzionato un paio di volte, ora si è bloccato, resta fisso su Your trade offer is being processed.. e resta li.
1 Million giveaway winners are out!
Mon 10 August 2015
Giveaway is over, winners have been raffled!

...are you the lucky one?
In order to leave a comment you have to login through steam.
Norad. 1 year ago
Who win ?
damn, GG everyone! =D
KuYa 1 year ago
Congratulations on the winners! I hope has a long life :)
Grats anyone who one
T3KtoNiK 1 year ago

Snowy 1 year ago
Congrats to everyone that won :P
CyberDarkPulse 1 year ago
Skunk Ape † 1 year ago
Well, guess it's back to crying myself to sleep at night. Might as well put the pillow in the oven so it's nice and dry before I begin. Oh, and did I forget to mention Jesus Christ is coming back? John 3:16
DramaTiX 1 year ago
gg i lost
Ax_6 1 year ago
No, you had to comment on bot sfuminator profile
I thought everyone takes part in the giveaway? I certainly don't see myself in the list.html :)
1 Million Hats Exchanged!
Tue 04 August 2015
What a milestone!

Thanks to everyone of you! It has been a great year and I can't wait to show you what's next.

Happy trading and enjoy our giveaway
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AtomicCoconuts 1 year ago
Today is ma birthday... LOL
Mr.Krauser 1 year ago

Greku 1 year ago
:D Nice!
FaZe Akame 1 year ago
Krox 1 year ago
:O welp
Green Tea 1 year ago
Adolf Dosh 1 year ago
victory song
๖Mr. Aech™ 1 year ago
OhHamburgers 1 year ago
im on my way

nice and good job
VintageCola 1 year ago
Coldy 1 year ago
why is the steam offline as always? the bot is sometimes buggy, but I can enjoy this awesome service!
While the bot messes up sometimes and I usually don't find the items I'm looking to buy this site is still a hell of a lot better than
#INSTANT PUSSY 1 year ago
well you need to fix your bots because they are not working properly, is still in the lead.
Bloozur 1 year ago
YatoKev 1 year ago
YAY :D >u
D-l AK-47 1 year ago
Yes m8 :) sure :)
cloudy 1 year ago
ReaperKing 1 year ago
this site is so much better then the shitty I just hope that soon I can sell some other items then hats ;3
Wot 1 year ago
H²0 1 year ago
wow is good in taiwan!
I was one of the first who traded on this site i will never stop:')
Nikolaskai PL 1 year ago
widzu95 [⇄] 1 year ago
Great Job but can you add hats that are worth 7 - above , stranges and uniques :)
C o r b i _ 1 year ago
good.....i love the items you sell and also sell strange and unusual plz
Sfuminator you Worth it
because i can gets hat from doesn't selling!
good job and keep that way!
ScienceBlaster 1 year ago
Dats Awesome!
X.D.E 3020 1 year ago
hell yes m8
BaconParadox 1 year ago
The Fat GabeN 1 year ago
Gr8 :D
Humpy Rumpy 1 year ago
Reaver 1 year ago
Nice Dude
$$$$ 1 year ago
Clx. Muddi 1 year ago
wow nice
split 1 year ago
Jelanye 1 year ago
Mathilda. 1 year ago
Your welcome,And thank you!
B[A]RS 1 year ago
gj guys
Meticcio 1 year ago
but still why cant I sell my stuff for price?!
tawo 1 year ago
nicely done
Draconequus 1 year ago
yay XD
R1c3_✠ | 飯 1 year ago
Pookie 1 year ago
Gricksaw 1 year ago
:D It's been a pleasure!
Skunk Ape † 1 year ago
I've used this website alot of times for trading, I found it to be a great site. Also, I must add that Jesus Christ is coming back! Don't miss out on the Rapture! John 3:16
Hobo 1 year ago
barry 1 year ago
HungryTapeworm 1 year ago
Awesome !
That's awesome!
Ruski Guy 1 year ago
OoOoOoOo i lav jou
unowen 1 year ago
Glad to have helped with this milestone. I don't know what I'd do without this great website!
WOOT Nice, I think I'm happy I helped?
We will!Thank you!:D(Great job):)
Jommy Jims 1 year ago
Steam and their recent problems
Sat 11 July 2015
Hello everyone,

We received many support requests from you, regarding problems in completing your trades. Some people complained about not being able to get a trade offer from the bot and some others about being stuck in the queue.
We're deeply sorry about all the troubles this is causing.

Going more technical, we have noticed that not only the known items api is going down but also the trade offer api is having issues, further more I'd like to point out that no changes have been made to sfuminator code, both site and bot software has been the same for at least a week by now. Which means that we are really tempted and have our reasons to point a finger on steam.

Again, we are sorry about all this and we hope steam is going to solve their problems soon.
In order to leave a comment you have to login through steam.
SHAKE DAT ASS! 1 year ago

Ax_6 1 year ago
We are working on a few changes, I apologise for any inconvenience, please feel free to open a support ticket in case of any problem so that we can assist you personally
Ominous Otaku 1 year ago
My ref was taken and I received no hats D: please fix this, the bot is very annoying to deal with recently. In the past I have had no problems but this is ridiculous.
★haha_ 1 year ago
I got robbed, I lost my ref and didn't get the hats
well,considering we're in this society right now,this news isn't mind blowing or "rare"
Gnomebino 1 year ago
Im still getting errors and dont tell me its steam because doesnt have these errors.
G3ar_ 1 year ago
gud job man
SturmPioneer 1 year ago
DAM Stem and Volvo
Volvo Fixxxxxed thisss
Plssss O great Gaben Lord I Shall sacrafice my wallet if you willing to fix this
Leonardo 1 year ago
This also happened at tf2 warehouse
Ticci Toby 1 year ago
Fuzz_ 1 year ago
Yeah keep doing it.
Volvo pls fixss
=KΔ= 1 year ago
tks, for more one option
Ember 1 year ago
Sex machine 1 year ago
Keep up the good work!
Bud_E 1 year ago
bot is not working at all for me
T3KtoNiK 1 year ago
best site ever i like it !!!!!!!

Crit Magnet 1 year ago
tops website for buying cosmetics for retail price instantly
best site ever.
cosbolt 1 year ago
Keep it up, you guys are better than
GunskyCZ 1 year ago
wau coolest website of tf2 trading what i ever seen.
cemcmd 1 year ago
Good job
This site is great!
[M] nicoRovio 1 year ago
Well, thanks for the attention
Sgt. Peters 1 year ago
Oh, poor thing...
Pinkie Pie 1 year ago
can you make the bot hug? when you hug it? like this -hugs-
II Mathyx II 1 year ago
This site is very great :D
Draconequus 1 year ago
ok, still great site to find "not so common" hats :D
Giggimish 1 year ago
I love this site one of my favorite hat shops
greatest site,greatest owners!
Fleegle 1 year ago
Great site...easiest to use out of any site so far. Thanks!
i buy antlersa 4ref
convict 1 year ago
best bot eu
Kit Kat 1 year ago
The Bot doesn't add me
Neerasky 1 year ago
i love my dick
Chef Pikachow 1 year ago
I haven't had any trouble so far
Awesome! Thanks for fixing it!
EQGL-A | Link 1 year ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)--b
Toastronaut 1 year ago
Oh tank you! Divines bless your kind heart!
PugZ 1 year ago
Okay, thanks
i've got no probs
Alright ,hope they'll solve it soon
boomboom</s> 1 year ago
Well steam was a mess during friday/saturday + there is weekly steam shutdown on Tuesday.
no problem
what kind i dont get any problem
wat Problem?
Didnt get any problemos this week :)
Zer0_ 1 year ago
All good m8
[o.W.n]Azarel 1 year ago
Skunk Ape † 1 year ago
Jesus Christ is coming back very soon in the Rapture! - Look it up :) John 3:16
Eowild 1 year ago
Its all good here :)
D-l AK-47 1 year ago
Ok , no problem :))
神圣 Jack 1 year ago
A shame! I was hoping for a trade. Next time, then.
`` 1 year ago
ok thanks
I want know how makes a bot! *-*
Not a problem! :)
X.D.E 3020 1 year ago
ok ;D
Ok :D
BaconParadox 1 year ago
its ok
IcεTimε♥ 1 year ago
Oke np!
RedX5Z 1 year ago
it alright
its fine m8
Poi2_SVK 1 year ago
its ok
1 year ago
steam is having so much trouble sending/processing the confirmation emails as well
Nitrogue 1 year ago
Traded over 1200 times, I admit there have been little issues. But no major problems.
r0d 1 year ago
I haven't got any problems with a bot. :)
aLphY ツ 1 year ago
I traded my sniper misc for 3.44 and it took the misc and gave me no ref at all
THE IRA 1 year ago
lets do it like we did it
unowen 1 year ago
I hope these issues resolve quickly and effectively. I'm not sure how I'd trade without this great website!
Chief Sakurai 1 year ago
I never get any errors the trading system is very good in total i have completed about 60 trades with Sfuminator and i didn't get any errors.
ZeFrenchPlague 1 year ago
The bot won't trade me :/
Mr_Sקoon320 1 year ago
Sorry everyone, but sometimes the bot get stuck after a trade, and wait for the finishing of its timer to trade with the next guy.
It's probably Steam. 2 days I couldn't send/accept a trade offer between 18 and 21 CEST. Neither of the sites I use could work as well (sfuminator,scrap,bp etc). Before 18 and after 21 everything would work just as normal. And it isn't just me that had this problem,my fellow trader was having the same issue,as well as a couple of my friends.
I had a few errors last night, so I can see this being true.
Crazy 1 year ago
ok , im mind ... the bot is a staffer but is dont's a staffer :3
lewl |pure| 1 year ago
I have a roblem where Loading Backpack screen is loading forever can you fix this ASAP?
I tried refreshing the web even restart my CPU.
I can't trade like.Please
Andy Bot 1 year ago
I had 2 ref and i wanted to buy a hat which was 2 ref and then it said i didnt have enough metal. But i still got it by manual trade.
Well, we trust that you can fix this up nice 'n quickly... or Steam can be slow as it tends to be, either or.
Knifey Knifey 1 year ago
mudkip, nobody will pay the exact price for the paint+ the hat, they will more than likely offer for just the hat
why cant bots trade on how much that hat's are worth for the worth of other hats. [example] Painted Stout Shako costs 8.66, ill buy one of your hats that are equal to 8.66.
Not even a bad idea. :/
KuYa 1 year ago
I semi-regularly use this site and is one of the best places to buy hats. I'm sad that it is experiencing problems, I hope it gets fixed sooner or later! Personally, I have never experienced metal miscounts, wrong hats or any of the sort.
Ax_6 1 year ago
@Catning_Poods(C|W|C|E) open a support ticket for that
your bot have glitched out so i lost 1 ref in a trade>:|
your the only place where I really like to trade.
Ainda continua sendo um Ótimo site de Trocas :D
Smuju 1 year ago
It happens but you're still my favourite tf2 trading site!
☩ JOY ☩ 1 year ago
i hope u ll fix it :3
Yeah it's been happening quite often lately, but it's been always clear that the culprit is Volvo.
okay it loaded after I tried 5 times to refresh the page
It still doesn't load my backpack :c
Sheriff Urgay 1 year ago
It's ok. The site is really good! Hope you dont get too many complaints...
New bot
Sat 04 April 2015
You may already noticed that our bot changed, in fact we moved to a new bot due to a recent problem with our main bot.
Site functionalities are still the same and practically there should be no difference on your side.
In case you wanted to check, this is our new bot steam profile
This new setup might be temporary.

Thank you and happy shopping!
In order to leave a comment you have to login through steam.
This is my favorite trading site for TF2, its quick and easy. But the problems around here like the time I sold my Weight Room Warmer for FOUR ref, I wanted to buy it back from the bot. Then it's being sold for SIX ref.
Choca™ 1 year ago
I have a problem: When i try to sell somthing its say that my profile is set to private, and its not!
Can someone help me?
corvus 1 year ago
Everytime I do #magic 1 the bot says it doesn't have enough metal but when I checked it's inventory, it had a bunch of metal. I have a key to do #magic 1.
Ax_6 1 year ago
If you encounter any problem using the site please use the apposite support section
Whenever I attempt to sell a hat for metal, the bot says he has sent a trade offer but I don't receive a link to the offer or get one in Incoming Offers, and then the bot says I took too long to respond and says he cancelled it...
Green Tea 1 year ago
I recently traded for a crafted Heros Hamachi (Or whatever its called) And I went to the sell hat thing, so I could get some ref, and I couldnt select it to sell.
call fema and teh police
tawo 1 year ago
Hey Ax, excellent service. I'm an avid user and I must say you run a near perfect bot and website. But i have one suggestion that would really help out. I keep sfuminator open on one tab while I'm doing other things to see what new items come in. but after buying from the bot once, when it goes back to the list of cosmetics in stock the bar at the bottom of the screen shows the item I just bought and I can't proceed to buy anything new that comes in because I can't remove the now traded item from said bar. It's easy to fix myself by just refreshing the page and searching for the item I want, but little things like this bug me. I can imagine you yourself are probably busy a lot of the time but something this small can't be too had to fix. If you can't fix it because you don't have the time or whatever the reason be I understand. Thanks for your time :)
Pinkie Pie 1 year ago
can you make the bot hug?
i need cosa nostra cap
Ax_6 1 year ago
@Mr_SPOON320 Please, open a support ticket if you have to report porblems
Mr_Sקoon320 1 year ago
This doesn't work, we cannot put items for trading.
I miss the old bot ;-;
Oh well, its successor is also good
Pinkie Pie 1 year ago
can you make the bot hug back if you hug it like this? -hugs-
Benny 1 year ago
@Ax_6 what's a support ticket?
Ax_6 1 year ago
@[T|S|F]Cheeky_Scrub You can open a support ticket and ask for a refund, be sure to read the instructions
Benny 1 year ago
Excuse me, but recently I lost a payment of refined metal due to a glitch in the trading system. I dont know how the glitch appeared or why it happened, however I am quite discouraged by this due the the fact that I very much so like sfuminator.
Skunk Ape † 1 year ago
Jesus Christ is the one true living God.
Skunk Ape † 1 year ago
Jesus Christ is the one true living God.
Saxtoni 1 year ago
Guys please help, shrek is in my room trying to have sexual intercourse with me.
God_Zelle 1 year ago
Hi Pinkie! It's Flutter shy!
Pinkie Pie 1 year ago
why won't it load when I try to sell hats to the bot? the page doesn't load to select what I want to sell
1 year ago
Bigg Mann on Campus
Flapjack.exe 2 years ago
New bot needs to say "Pootis." when you ask it "Pootis?"
Pinkie Pie 2 years ago
can you make it so the bot will hug back when i hug him? like this -hugs-
Dr4goN 2 years ago
i cant sell my hats in this trade site
i need sell keys but for much ref is key???(in
❤Derpkins❤ 2 years ago
cewl a new bot
Pedro 2 years ago
Captain Jes 2 years ago
Im a veteran what that mean ?
umm when i trade this new bot he sees my items and doesnt ready up and says are u here 0.o this si worst bot ever cant buy or sell items from this bot plz fix D: [2] same here
ツSkeletonツ 2 years ago
umm when i trade this new bot he sees my items and doesnt ready up and says are u here 0.o this si worst bot ever cant buy or sell items from this bot plz fix D:
Ax_6 2 years ago
We still don't know why the other bot can't trade anymore, we already contacted valve for further informations, thanks for your support :)
La wea mundana 2 years ago
i cant sell my items to this bot,also what happened to the other one?
Pinkie Pie 2 years ago
Did valve ban him because of false reports? From meanies?
General speed improvement
Wed 25 March 2015
We just pushed an update that completely changes the way backpacks are loaded. Now your inventory should show up much more faster. A lot of changes (even if not visible) have been introduced so, if you spot any bug or strange behaviour make sure to notify us with a support ticket.

Happy shopping!
In order to leave a comment you have to login through steam.
Sometimes some of my hats aren't loading when I try to sell them. Like my painted Stout Shako worth 8.66. Or is it we can't trade painted hats?
Sometimes some of my hats aren't loading when I try to sell them. Like my painted Stout Shako worth 8.66. Or is it we can't trade painted hats?
loporlp 1 year ago
Dr4goN 1 year ago
mashtika 2 years ago
error 32
[PORC] abhou 2 years ago
You Seriously need a least 2 bots the queue is very very long
I almost sold a hat to buy the unusual nice joke
[PORC] abhou 2 years ago
unusual for the 1st april...good idea x)
i aware today its 1st April
but making but shit they dont need because it looks like Unus
can be technicly consider as Scam
Tic 2 years ago
So you can sell unusuals here?
Pili(Beast) 2 years ago

Ax_6 2 years ago
Sorry guys, we had a problem with the new system, It's still a bit unstable! :S
RIN 2 years ago
#32 error
Chew 2 years ago
Can't buy anything, bot backpack doesn't load, and #32 error when going to sell anything
KittyPause 2 years ago
Yeah the bot's backpack never loads.
Liquid 2 years ago
The bot backpack doesn't load, when is it going to be fixed?.
Snoop 2 years ago
error #32
Blitz 2 years ago
got an error #32
Touch Me 2 years ago
yea mine too
Zer0_ 2 years ago
Its either my internet or its taking FOREVER to load the backpack on the website i spent 2 hours waiting for to to load still hasent even as im typeing this
Ulexos 2 years ago
i got a bug that the bot can't write a funny rep msg on my profile, even though my settings allow it. just so ya know~
Humpy Rumpy 2 years ago
Recent downtime
Sat 14 March 2015
We are very sorry for the latest problems you might had with our bot. We had some troubles with steam servers and bot crashes. We just wanted to let you know that we are working hard to improve and provide you the best experience.
Stay tuned for some neat updates!

And happy trading!
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i aware today its 1st April
but making people buy shit they dont need because it looks like Unusuals
can be technicly consider as Scam
Conkey 2 years ago
Yeah me too i thought it was an unusal than i got a normal item.
CreepingSam 2 years ago
am I the only who traded for an unusual and got a normal item?
awesome stuufffff
80s vhs tape 2 years ago
Best. Site. Ever. *Steam Messages All Steam Friends About This*
Timmy! 2 years ago
ArZy 2 years ago
10/10. Even though It buys your Hats for Discounted Prices, You can Buy The Hats for Discounted Prices!
The Jacky 2 years ago
Sfuminator you the real MVP! on twitter
Mon 09 February 2015
We now have also an official twitter account. So you won't miss any update, follow us @sfuminator

Happy shopping!
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¿Me regalarías algo?, oh cierto eres un bot :l
Hey sfuminator i saw on your account that you have the Eliminator Safequard and the bruissers bandana
I want to buy it Send me an offer
hey sfuminator i have a suggestion you should add taunt trading
❤Derpkins❤ 2 years ago
Gud website is gud
[TD] Ducky 2 years ago
i love this website
Stry 2 years ago
great website
Doctor Z 2 years ago
AWESOME WEBSITE! I'd recommend adding taunts to your accepted items!
Patty | Doppler 2 years ago
Dayum, best trading website for tf2, wish you could expand it and start selling/buying weaponds too :D
kzthz 2 years ago
id anybody selling a team captian hat

Good website! Your bot is really cute :)
Ah. Much Easier Than all those Other Trading websites! If I buy a few more hats, Ill Very well Donate!
FrogyCZ 2 years ago
Because the want Profit. You want profit too,right?
Also, why do you buy them at lower than normal prices? Like .22 ref off then normal?
Brimstone is now 2 ref. btw
|Mr.SpyZ| 2 years ago
Good website.. But I would recommend to sell weapons and some taunts.. :) But I donated this website..:D
AlphaBlade 2 years ago
how about selling and buying of painted hats? i dont buy hats unless its painted
and its hard to find some with specific paints
Angel 2 years ago
Awesome :D
Wulf 2 years ago
Nice! :D
Breaking limits!
Sat 07 February 2015
A huge update regarding hats has just been released. Now we are accepting also many miscs below 1.66 that were filtered out.
Not enough? From now on hat limit for craft hats has been increased to 5 while other qualities can go up to 2.

Happy shopping!
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Cake 2 years ago

Selling Duck journal 4 ref

Piazano 自殺 2 years ago
nice. i think it needs to buy more types of hats
evi 2 years ago
The best! :3!
Mr.Napalm 2 years ago
Amazing site ! I will never use Outpost or Backpack again !
Unperturbed 2 years ago
Great! Thanks!
New shop interface
Sun 01 February 2015
We are happy to introduce a completely new shop interface!
Items, queue and much more else have been changed to a simpler and modern graphic appearance. You can see the change-log here

Your feedback is important, so let us know what do you think and what would you change, or, if you spot any bug, go ahead and open a support ticket.

If you have problem with the visualization try to press shift+F5 in the shop page
Happy shopping!
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Eireball 2 years ago
Ax_6 2 years ago
@Innocent manual trade now requires mail verification too
TF2 Server!
Mon 22 December 2014
We now have our own official TF2 game server! Come hang with us, play with us and be a part of the sfuminator family!
The server is completely ad-free, free from donator bonuses and made just for you guys!

IP: or direct join here

Hope you enjoy our christmas present to the sfuminator community.

Game on!
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New support system
Sat 20 December 2014
Help requests are now handled with a ticket system, directly on the site. Tickets can be opened from the support page, which can be reached by going here Help > Support

Happy trading!
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Introducing trade offers
Sun 12 October 2014
Alright, it has been asked frequently from a lot of people (myself too) and now I'm happy to announce that trade offers are now supported on!

Without removing the old fashioned manual trade, now there is also the "Trade Offer" option, which, of course, is all automated.
This change wont be introduced radically, for the first days trade offers will be available only under mod supervision.

Happy trading!
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Eireball 2 years ago
You took away manual trading! Please restor it, it's so much faster!
Burre.png 2 years ago
Amazing trade site.
r3z 2 years ago
work there
sigh 2 years ago
Wonder ar!
Kate Upton 2 years ago
Sheii 2 years ago
Grmr nOzi 2 years ago
Bought my first hat from this web
Ax_6 2 years ago
Borbo 2 years ago
sfuminator is terminator?
bryan13971 2 years ago
Perfect. Thanks Sfuminator
Spooky ^o,,o^ 2 years ago
New function works like a charm. Im glad to see this was implamented, now I can buy and sell things quicker =D
BIO BENNY 2 years ago
Works like a charm, 1000x faster now, good job man
βirdous ☁ 2 years ago
Thanks, trades are much more comfortable now :)
Ice Bear 2 years ago
I just noted that the update was posted on Mon. Oct 13, and I'm still on the 12th as I'm typing this.

No seriously, this is a fantastic update. I hope this feature becomes full fledged, as it will definitely speed up the trading process, especially during traffic loads.
Ax_6 2 years ago
Thanks ^^
Spartan [Trλin] 2 years ago
Good job, that's faster :D
Spartan [Trλin] 2 years ago
I think I'm the first person who tried it.. and I have to say that's awesome.
Recent Steam update
Wed 08 October 2014
We're sorry for the downtime we had yesterday, steam pushed an update that made everyone who hadn't specifically changed their inventory as public to friends only. This caused our bot to be unable to trade.

Because of this it is also possible that you won't be able to sell your hats on the site unless you update your inventory settings.

So be sure to check them
You can change your inventory settings back to public here: ">
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Anime show 2 years ago
reversion 2 years ago
I fully understand.
pearl 2 years ago
10/10 no h8 m8
-System Error- 2 years ago